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Top Ten Tuesday – Series That I Would Like To Start

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This week I’m listing the top ten series that I have been meaning to start, but haven’t.
I love a good series and I’m one of those readers who has to start at the beginning!
The following books are listed in no particular order.

Iron Lake by William Kent Krueger

Cork O’ Connor series
Book one was published in 1998.
Currently there are 16 of them in the series.

The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza

Detective Erika Foster series
Book one was published on 2/12/2016.
There are currently 4 in the series.

A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth George

Inspector Lynley series
Book one was published in June 1989.
There are currently 19 in the series.

Triptych by Karin Slaughter

Will Trent series
Book one was published 8/15/2006
There are currently 8 books in series.

Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson

Gaslight Mystery series
Book one was published on May 1, 1999.
There are currently 20 books in the series.

Into the Woods by Tana French

Dublin Murder Squad series
Book one was published on 5/17/2007.
There are currently 6 books in the series.

Scared to Death by Rachel Amphlett

Detective Kay Hunter series
Book one was published on 12/3/2016
There are currently 3 books in the series.

Silent Scream by Angela Marsons

D.I. Kim Stone series
Book one was published on 2/20/2015.
There are currently 6 books in the series.

Into the Light by Aleatha Romig

The Light series
Book one was published on 6/14/2016.
There are currently 2 books in the series.

Eeny Meeny by M.J. Arlidge

Helen Grace series
Book one was published on 6/2/2015.
There are currently 7 books in the series.

Have you read any of these series? Are any of these series on your TBR list?

Last week I posted a discussion post about tracking new releases. One of the sites I highlighted in it tracks your series. Here is the link to that post if you are interested: Tracking Upcoming Releases

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Happy Reading!


34 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Series That I Would Like To Start

  1. HIGHLY recommend Angela Marsons books! I’ve read The Girl in the Ice, but that’s it of that series. I need to read the rest also. And, I’ve also wanted to read Karin Slaughter’s series, but the number of books in the series is intimidating! 🙂 I love this post!

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    1. Karin Slaughter comes highly recommended! She has a new book coming out called The Good Daughter. It’s book one of a series, so I thought that would be a great place to start…at the beginning 🙂 I hope to read all of these series someday, but I might start with the shorter ones, like The Girl in the Ice.

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  2. Great list! I’m still not done with mine, lol. I fell with my laptop in my lap still working on it 😃
    I love The Will Trent series! I think I read every book in 1 week. Karin Slaughter is amazing! Have you read her Grant County series? It’s just as good, and I would actually recommend reading it 1st since characters from that series become a regular part of the Will Trent series after a few books and knowing the backstory might help a lot.

    I have the Detective Erika Foster series on my list too! 😊

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      1. No I don’t think you can, you picked some awesome ones. I agree with the earlier comment about starting with KS Grant County series since they sort of merge together eventually. It is a long series but I read them fast because they were soooo good so don’t be intimidated!

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  3. I’ve also got Triptych on my tbr and I’ve read several of Tana French’s including In the Woods…I’d love to hear your thoughts on that one! I really think I want to read Angela Marsons, it’s just finding time for another series:)

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  4. Yes, I am so excited about Slaughter’s new book! I have an entire bookshelf practically devoted to all her books, and I have already bought The Good Daughter, lol! Still, I was so excited to read it early, that I just got the digital ARC from Edelweiss and just need to get some other books out of the way so I can start it!! I just started Tana French, so is excellent!

    Amy, I agree! Will Trent is absolutely the best series! They are just so suspenseful but the characters are perfect! I adore Will! He is flawed but so great. As much as I’m glad Slaughter has a new book coming out this year, I wish it were a Trent book instead!

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      1. Yes! I have a crush on him too! He’s sexy without at all trying to be, which I think just makes him sexier! And, with his past you just want to be there for him. He’s intelligent too, and that is the way to my heart ❤ Her books are amazing! I can't think of anyone who can write with such emotion yet have such crazily twisted and perverse plots as she does…..

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          1. You took the word’s right out of my mouth! His brokenness just makes you love him and want to make him feel loved in return. And, I do like Sarah so much! I loved her in the Grant County series. I hope they can overcome all obstacles. And I hope Angie just disappears…..I cannot stand her!

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              1. Yeah!! I’m so glad you are going to read the Grant County series before Will Trent! It will save you some confusion down the road. And it has some excellent characters in it. And very excellent stories. I’ve never read In the Woods, lol! When I bought my Tana French books, I had no idea it was a series, so I actually need to start from the beginning and read them since I had #6, lol.

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  5. I love LOVE the Erika Foster series so I can definitely recommend that one! He actually finished book 5 already the other day… And most of the other series are on my TBR as well. Great list!

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