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First Chapter/First Paragraph ~Teaser Tuesday – A Killer Harvest by Paul Cleave

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Today I am linking up with Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea who hosts a post every Tuesday to share the First Chapter/First Paragraph of the book you are currently reading.


I’m also once again joining The Purple Booker with Teaser Tuesday. It’s easy to join – just grab your current read, open it to a random page, and share two teaser sentences being careful not to include any spoilers.

First Chapter/First Paragraph

Chapter One

The office used to be an old shipping container, its walls scratched and dinged and pitted with rust, now painted gray. These days the only traveling it does is on the back of a truck as it rolls its way up and down the country–a journey it makes once, sometimes twice a year. One of its two long walls has been removed to make way for a door and for a window that over the years has looked out over empty lots as they’ve become apartment complexes and office blocks. Its current view is of a seven-story building. A few of the floors haven’t evolved much beyond steel beams and slabs of concrete, all of it is surrounded by scaffolding stained with dirt and paint and sweat.

Teaser Tuesday 

They were going to get him alone upstairs and they were going to question him, and if there was no doubt he had killed Andrea Walsh, then Bower was going to have an accident. There was no place in the world for people who cut women into pieces. No place at all.

A Killer Harvest by Paul Cleave

Goodreads Synopsis

Joshua is convinced there is a family curse. It’s taken away his biological parents, robbed him of his eyesight, and is the reason his father Logan, the detective who raised him, is killed while investigating the homicide of a young woman. The suspect, Simon Bowers, is killed by Logan’s partner Ben, whose intentions are murkier than expected.

After this tragedy Joshua is handed an opportunity he can’t refuse: a new pair of eyes. But a mishap during the surgery leads to Joshua unknowingly getting one eye from his father, and the other from Simon. As Joshua navigates a world of sight, he gets glimpses of what his eyes might have witnessed in their previous life. Memories, truths, and lies Joshua discovers a world darker than the one he has emerged from. What else has he failed to see?

Meanwhile, Simon’s accomplice Vincent is bent on revenge, going after the loved ones of those involved in Simon’s death and Vincent is drawing closer and closer to Joshua.

Publisher: Atria Books

Publication Date: 8/1/2017

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