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An App To Help Track New Releases By Your Favorite Authors

I love to know when my favorite authors have a new book coming out as far in advance as possible. This advance notice is incredibly helpful so that I can either pre-order the book, place it on hold in the library, or request it from NetGalley. With my list of authors growing longer and longer I needed an easier way to track their new releases. Last summer I scoured the internet and found two very helpful web sites. I made a post highlighting these web sites called Discussion Post: Tracking Upcoming Releases From Your Favorite Authors. I have faithfully used one of the sites within this post (Author Alerts) every week. Unfortunately they have had a difficult time with their affiliate Amazon and will more than likely have to shut down. So once again I went on a hunt for another way to track new releases.


I have found a fabulous app called TellMeWhen that will not only track soon to be released books, but also audio books, music, and videos.
It is really easy to use:

  • Enter the author you wish to track
  • Click monitor
  • And that’s it, it will remember all the authors you wish to track


Note: I know this app is available for the iPhone, but I do not know if is available on Android.



My author list has grown quicker than I had thought possible since starting my blog. It is a fantastic problem to have – I will never be without a great book to read!




How do you keep track of new releases by your favorite authors?

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Thank you for visiting and happy reading!

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