Book Review – Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter

Goodreads Synopsis:

A small Georgia town erupts in panic when a young college professor is found brutally mutilated in the local diner. But it’s only when town pediatrician and coroner Sara Linton does the autopsy that the full extent of the killer’s twisted work becomes clear. Sara’s ex-husband, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, leads the investigation — a trail of terror that grows increasingly macabre when another local woman is found crucified a few days later. But he’s got more than a sadistic serial killer on his hands, for the county’s sole female detective, Lena Adams — the first victim’s sister — wants to serve her own justice. But it is Sara who holds the key to finding the killer. A secret from her past could unmask the brilliantly malevolent psychopath .. or mean her death.

My Opinion:

Sibyl Adams, a young college professor, is found nearly dead in the restroom of the local diner – Grant Filling Station. Sara Linton, the town pediatrician does everything in her power to save her, but it is too late and she dies from her injuries. Was Sibyl in the wrong place at the wrong time, was it premeditated, or is it a hate crime? Jeffrey Tolliver, the chief of police and Sara’s ex-husband is determined to find the killer. Not only does he have his hands full looking for a murderer, but Sibyl’s twin sister Lena, a fellow police officer, will do whatever it takes to seek justice for her sister.

I am proud to say that I am officially a Karin Slaughter fan! This is my second Slaughter book and I am hooked. The characters are flawed yet likable. It’s dark and addictive, everything you want in a mystery/thriller. She wasted no time and jumped right in with a gruesome murder that will leave everyone asking why.

I loved that the story is told from the perspective of three people in Grant County – Sara, Jeffery, and Lena. I found that it really adds to the complexity of the story and allows the readers to get into the head of multiple characters. More often than not mystery/thrillers use the perspective of just one character, so I found this book to be refreshing and different.

I really enjoyed Jeffrey and Sara’s storyline. There is a lot of tension between these two characters. They have a very complex relationship with a lot of baggage, unresolved feelings, and even a secret or two. I really look forward to seeing where their relationship goes in this series.

There are times when this book is a bit descriptive and graphic. Those who are really squeamish might not want to jump into this series. Personally I’m ok with a certain amount and if it gets to be too much I just skim through those sections.

I am very excited to continue on with this series, I have a feeling it is going to be a fantastic bumpy ride!

There are a lot of Karin Slaughter fans out there and I would love to know what your favorite book is.

Book Details:

My Rating: 4/5
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Series: Grant County, #1
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: 9/4/2001
Pages: 418 (eBook)

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26 thoughts on “Book Review – Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter

  1. I really liked this , but then I started the WIll Trent series and I can no longer read this one because *spoilers everywhere* lol Sara is a great character. Lena…………………

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    1. I was advised by two bloggers to read this series first, looks like they steered me in the right direction! Oh yes, Sara is a great character, Lena on the other hand has issues and I have just barely started the series lol

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