NetGalley/Edelweiss Reading Challenge 2019

NetGalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge January Link-Up #NGEW2019

NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge

Happy New Year and welcome to our first link-up!

I will post one of these link-ups each month for you to link up your reviews. It can be challenging to remember to link in those book reviews. For me, I generally do it once a month. I do a monthly wrap-up of what I read and that is when I link-in my reviews. So whether you do it right when you post your book review, once a week, or monthly, the choice is yours. We just want to see all the fabulous books you are reading!

There is still time to join in! Please see the official rules and levels here.

January Link-Up…

    • Submitting format: Title of book reviewed (Your Name and Blog).
    • Inlinkz will remain open until January 31st.
    • Questions: Leave me a comment below, email me –, or use my contact page.
    • Hashtag: #NGEW2019

Let’s get social…


Thank you for visiting and happy reading!

7 thoughts on “NetGalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge January Link-Up #NGEW2019

  1. Question – I don’t always review the books on my blog – depends how much I’ve enjoyed them. If I do that they get maybe one line on my monthly wrap ups (and Goodreads). Does that still count?

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    1. Yes – linking up your book review for each book read would be perfect. I will post one of these link-ups each month. If you get behind one month just roll it over to the next month.


    1. Every month I will post a new link-up.
      *Click on the blue Inlinkz box.
      *Click on another blue box called “Add Your Link”.
      *The first thing it is going to ask for is the “Link”. The easiest thing to do is to copy and paste the URL to your book review in this box.
      *Next is the “Link Title”. It will pull in the title of your blog post so just a little bit of editing is needed here. Title of book reviewed (Your name and blog).
      *Lastly you need to enter an “Email” which no one will be able to see. If it doesn’t automatically pop up you will need to enter that.
      *To the right of the fields that need to be filled in there will be a picture. It will automatically pull in pictures from your blog post. If the book cover is not the one selected you can change it.
      *There are a couple of privacy boxes to check at the bottom.
      *Last, but not least click “done”.
      I may have gone overboard with directions, but I wasn’t sure where you were getting confused so I went into great detail.
      I hope this helps! I entered in two of my own blog posts. If you need more help please let me know 🙂


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