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Book Review – Vegan London: A Guide to the Capital’s Best Cafes, Restaurants, and Food Stores by Serena Lee

Goodreads Synopsis:

From bangers ‘n’ mash to banh mi, London has one of the most eclectic vegan food scenes in the world, and it’s growing by the day. Discover creative twists on classic dishes, fusion cuisine and tempting desserts through Vegan London – with eighty of London’s best vegan and vegan-friendly establishments at your fingertips, you’ll find food and drink for every budget and for any occasion.

Whether you’re vegan or vegan-curious, local or visiting, use this guidebook to plan your way from afternoon tea in Knightsbridge to falafel in Shoreditch, and enjoy London the ethical way without missing out on great food.

My Opinion:

Hubby and I are in the very early stages of planning a trip to the UK. We have been pondering where to go, what we should see, how long our trip will be, and so on. While researching I ran across this travel guide and was thrilled for the opportunity read and review it.

We are not vegan, but my husband is lactose intolerant so I quite often browse anything and everything vegan. While traveling we love to check out the local vegan restaurants, especially for the desserts. They are a places where we don’t have to worry about dairy creeping into his food and giving him an adverse reaction.

Upon opening this book the first thing that caught my eye were the beautiful photos. They are colorful and extremely well done, they made me hungry just looking at them! Next I started reading the introduction and came to a screeching halt when I read deep-fried ice cream. Well hello…that got my attention and I couldn’t wait to see what this book had to offer!

This book has just about every cuisine imaginable – Italian, Mexican, Indian, Turkish, Vietnamese, and so on. Every establishment listed is either 100% vegan or vegan-friendly. The descriptions are very well done! Many of them include a bit of history about the restaurant or cafe and a mouth-watering peek at some of their offerings. Street addresses and websites are also listed and I was impressed to see that many of these establishments have multiple locations. There is also an index in the back that lists the locations by area. This thrilled me, as a soon-to-be tourist, I need all the help I can get in a new city.

I was already very excited about my upcoming trip to London and this book has only made me even more excited. I really look forward to visiting many of these restaurants/cafes. I will probably be focusing on the places that offer some of the delicious sounding desserts that I read about like tiramisu, cupcakes, peanut-butter brownies, are you getting hungry yet?!

Serena Lee has done her homework. This book appears to be really well researched and I can hardly wait to try some of these restaurants and cafes out in person!

*Thank you NetGalley, White Lion Publishing, and Serena Lee for the opportunity to read and review this book for my honest opinion.

Book Details:

Genre: Tour Book
Series: None
Publisher: White Lion Publishing
Publication Date: 11/20/2018 (US & UK)
Pages: 160 (Paperback)

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16 thoughts on “Book Review – Vegan London: A Guide to the Capital’s Best Cafes, Restaurants, and Food Stores by Serena Lee

      1. We couldn’t find a decent meal that had flavor until we discovered the Indian restaurants. We were staying in Oxford and visiting other parts of England (London, the Cotswolds, Worcester, etc.). The tastiest foods were at the pubs but that was a low bar to reach. But the Indian food was fantastic. The problem was the lack of seasoning used by most restaurants. Salt and pepper seemed to be the extent of it.

        Now, this was over 10 years ago but if I had it to do over again, I’d do what you’re doing and research great restaurants rated by those accustomed to well seasoned food.

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