The Positivity Wave

Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave

Welcome to The Positivity Wave created by Meggy@Chocolate’n’Waffles!

To say that this has been a stressful week is an understatement, but I dug deep and found the positive whenever I could!

Now this may look bad, but it is actually a good thing. We have defective water pipes and have had 4 leaks in the past 6 weeks. Yesterday was day one to fix this problem and our whole house is getting repiped. We have about 20 holes in our walls like the pics above. Yes, this whole thing is quite stressful, but once it is done we will no longer have to play our favorite game – is the carpet wet or just cold?

I started physical therapy for my shoulder this week. I feel really good about it and have no doubt I will get full range of motion back in no time!!

I bought a pumpkin spice candle! Fall cannot get here soon enough!

There is no better stress relief than Snapchat! My kids and I were playing around with the filters and were laughing to the point of crying. We especially loved the little kid, female and male filters. Here is me as a little kid.

What has made you happy this week?
Happy Reading!

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11 thoughts on “Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave

  1. Yay for digging deep for the positive! Your repiping project sounds horrendous! At least it’s not December 😱
    I might forgo the positivity wave this week….I’m swamped with projects and can’t wrap my mind around it! I publish my major review of the week on Fridays, so after that it’s hard to gear up for a second post….if I had planned ahead it would have helped!

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