Book Review – The Chestnut Man by Søren Sveistrup #bookreview #netgalley


Book Details:

Genre: Mystery Thriller
Series: None
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: 9/3/2019
Pages: 528 (eBook)




Goodreads Synopsis:

If you find one, he’s already found you.

A psychopath is terrorizing Copenhagen.

His calling card is a “chestnut man”—a handmade doll made of matchsticks and two chestnuts—which he leaves at each bloody crime scene.

Examining the dolls, forensics makes a shocking discovery—a fingerprint belonging to a young girl, a government minister’s daughter who had been kidnapped and murdered a year ago.

A tragic coincidence—or something more twisted?

To save innocent lives, a pair of detectives must put aside their differences to piece together the Chestnut Man’s gruesome clues.

Because it’s clear that the madman is on a mission that is far from over.

And no one is safe.

My Opinion:

If you are still looking for the perfect dark, creepy, mysterious read for October then this is the book for you!

I am not going to go into the storyline here, it is best to know next-to-nothing when diving into this book. That is also my motto! What I am going to tell you is that this book is a must read for those who want a great thriller with a lot of mystery and intrigue.

This book doesn’t waste any time and opens with a gruesome murder scene. This is the moment I knew I had finally found the perfect October read that delivers the thriller punch I was looking for! Moms are being killed, body parts cut off, and what is up with all those chestnut men being left behind at the murder scene?!

I love that the police detectives are at a loss as to who and why. Just when they think they have gotten two steps ahead, they realize they have been outsmarted once again. They want nothing more than to stop these horrendous killings and it cannot be soon enough.

If this book is sitting on your TBR list I would highly recommend you pick it up today!!

*Thank you Harper for the opportunity to read and review this book via NetGalley for my honest opinion.

*The Chestnut Man is available for purchase at these fine retailers:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Book Depository

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