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Book Details
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Series: None
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Publication Date: 7/28/2020
Narrated By:  Richard Armitage and Stephanie Racine

Goodreads Synopsis –

Anna Andrews finally has what she wants. Almost. She’s worked hard to become the main TV presenter of the BBC’s lunchtime news, putting work before friends, family, and her now ex-husband. So, when someone threatens to take her dream job away, she’ll do almost anything to keep it.

When asked to cover a murder in Blackdown—the sleepy countryside village where she grew up—Anna is reluctant to go. But when the victim turns out to be one of her childhood friends, she can’t leave. It soon becomes clear that Anna isn’t just covering the story, she’s at the heart of it.

DCI Jack Harper left London for a reason, but never thought he’d end up working in a place like Blackdown. When the body of a young woman is discovered, Jack decides not to tell anyone that he knew the victim, until he begins to realize he is a suspect in his own murder investigation.

My Opinion –

It only took me a few seconds to know this was going to be a great story to listen to!

I found myself smiling and chuckling at how good the narration of this book is. Between the creepy murderer and the portrayal of the Thin Controller’s speech impediment I was in audiobook heaven!

As for the story itself, it was a good one! Anna Andrews’s life was everything she wanted until the rug gets pulled out from under her. Next thing she knows she is back in her hometown, as a correspondent, covering a murder and is finding it more difficult to be back home than she had anticipated. DCI Jack Harper gets a call to investigate the murder of a young woman. Jack is shaken when things start to spiral out of control and hit a little too close home.

This story is mysterious, perplexing, and full of revenge. Just the kind of story I love sinking my teeth into! This is my first Alice Feeney and I really want to read or listen to more!!

*Thank you Macmillan Audio for the opportunity to listen and review this book, via NetGalley app, for my honest opinion.

*Book 13/20 in the 20 Books of Summer reading challenge.

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