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Book Review – Whatever it Takes by Paul Cleave #20booksofsummer20

Book Details
Genre: Thriller
Series: None
Publisher: Upstart Press
Publication Date: 10/1/2019
Pages: 328

Goodreads Synopsis –

When seven-year-old Alyssa is kidnapped, Deputy Noah Harper decides he will do what it takes to find her – but that means crossing lines he can never come back from. Finding the girl safe, isn’t enough to stop Noah from losing his job, his wife, and from being kicked out of Acacia Pines. He’s told if he ever returns, he’ll be put in jail and left there to rot. Now, 12 years later, comes a phone call. Alyssa is missing again and her father wants him to honour the promise he made to her all those years earlier – that he would never let anything bad happen to her again. To find her, Noah is going to have to head back to the pines, and come face to face with the past.

My Opinion –

Phew…that was quite the ride! This suspenseful thriller had me hooked from the very first chapter!

Alyssa is missing and Deputy Noah Harper will not stop until he finds her. No one will get in his way. A terrified Alyssa is found safe and sound and Noah makes her a promise she will never forget.

Will the bad man come for me again?”
“If he does, will you save me?”
“Of course. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Flash forward twelve years and Alyssa once again goes missing. Noah drops everything to fulfill his promise to her. He will do whatever it takes!

Noah is making friends wherever he goes in this book (she says with sarcasm). I love Noah! He is a no nonsense kind of guy. He fears no one and yet deep down he does have a big heart. Don’t mess with Noah, chances are it will not be good for you!

I loved this book! I had a hunch who the “bad guy” was, but why they were doing what they were doing I had no idea. Once the truth was revealed it was so much more terrifying than I could have possibly imagined!

I am going to keep this review short and sweet because the less you know going in the better! BUT before I go I want to encourage you to put Paul Cleave on your TBR lists. Eva@Novel Deelights and I are huge fans of this author! We both feel he is an amazing writer and not talked about nearly enough. If you are a fan of suspenseful thrillers you need to be reading Paul Cleave!! You are missing out!

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*Book 16/20 in the 20 Books of Summer reading challenge.

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