My name is Tina and I have decided to take my love of reading to the streets and start a blog. This is something my family has encouraged me to do for quite some time now. I finally decided to throw any reservations and self-doubt I had out the window and go for it.

The first book I remember reading and falling in love with was Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. I was hooked! I started with buying and reading all of her books, and my love of reading took off from there.

I tend to gravitate towards mystery/thrillers and historical fiction with a sprinkling of other genres in between. I will be reviewing new releases as well as a plethora of other books on my TBR spreadsheet. Yes, I said spreadsheet! I use Google Docs to keep track of my existing books to read as well as new releases. I love using Google Docs so that I can access it on any of my mobile devices whether I’m home or out.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

Happy Reading!


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