Book Reviews


Atwood, Margaret: The Handmaid’s Tale 2.5*


Baart, Nicole: You Were Always Mine 5*
Baldacci, David: The Camel Club 3.5*
Baldacci, David: End Game 3*
Baldacci, David: The Fix 3.5*
Beck, Haylen: Here and Gone 4*
Beech, Louise: The Mountain in My Shoe 4.5*
Bell, David: Bring Her Home 4*
Benedict, Marie: The Only Woman in the Room 3*
Benjamin, Melanie: Mistress of the Ritz 3*
Benjamin, Melanie: The Girls in the Picture 4*
Bolton, Sharon: The Craftsman 4.5*
Bolton, Sharon: Daisy in Chains 4*
Bolton, Sharon: Dead Woman Walking 4*
Broadribb, Steph: Deep Blue Trouble 4*
Broadribb, Steph: Deep Down Dead 5*
Brown, Carolyn: Small Town Rumors 3*
Brown, Dan: Origin 3.5*
Brown, Sandra: Seeing Red 4*
Brown, Sandra: Tailspin 3*
Bryndza, Robert: Cold Blood 4.5*
Bryndza, Robert: Dark Water 4*
Bryndza, Robert: Deadly Secrets 5*
Bryndza, Robert: The Girl in the Ice 5*
Bryndza, Robert: Last Breath 4.5*
Bryndza, Robert: The Night Stalker 5*
Bryndza, Robert: Nine Elms 5*


Cantor, Jillian: The Lost Letter 5*
Carpenter, Emily: Every Single Secret 4*
Carpenter, Emily: Until the Day I Die 4*
Carpenter, Emily: The Weight of Lies 5*
Cavanagh, Steve: The Defense 4*
Cavanagh, Steve: The Liar 5*
Cavanagh, Steve: The Plea 4*
Cavanagh, Steve: Thirteen 4.5*
Cavanagh, Steve: Twisted 4*
Center, Katherine Things You Save in a Fire 5*
Center, Katherine: What You Wish For 5*
Chamberlain, Diane: Big Lies in a Small Town 5*
Chamberlain, Diane: Necessary Lies 5*
Chamberlain, Diane: The Dream Daughter 5*
Chamberlain, Diane: The Stolen Marriage 4*
Cleave, Paul: A Killer Harvest 5*
Cleeton, Chanel: The Last Train to Key West 3*
Cleeton, Chanel: Next Year in Havana 4*
Cole, Daniel: Endgame 4*
Cole, Daniel: Hangman 5*
Cole, Daniel: Ragdoll 5*
Collins, Suzanne: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes 3*
Connelly, Michael: Dark Sacred Night 4*
Connelly, Michael: Fair Warning 3*
Connelly, Michael: The Late Show 4*
Connelly, Michael: Two Kinds of Truth 4*
Crandall, Susan: The Myth of Perpetual Summer 4*
Crouch. Blake: Dark Matter 4.5
Crouch, Blake: Recursion 4.5


Davis, Fiona: The Lions of Fifth Avenue 3*
Davis, Fiona: The Masterpiece 4*
Denfeld, Rene: The Child Finder 4*
Di Maio, Camille: The Beautiful Strangers 3.5*
Di Maio, Camille: Before the Rain Falls 4*
Di Maio, Camille: The Way of Beauty 4.5*
Dimberg, Kelsey Rae: The Girl in the Rearview Mirror 3*
Dionne, Karen: The Marsh King’s Daughter 5*
Donlea, Charlie: Don’t Believe It 3.5*
Donlea, Charlie: The Girl Who Was Taken 4.5*
Donlea, Charlie: Some Choose Darkness 5*
Donlea, Charlie: The Suicide House 3*
Downing, Samantha: He Started It 4*
Dray, Stephanie & Kamoie, Laura: My Dear Hamiton 5*
Dugoni, Robert: My Sister’s Grave 4*


Eskens, Allen: The Life We Bury 5*
Everhart, Donna: The Forgiving Kind 5*
Everhart, Donna: The Moonshiner’s Daughter 4*


Fay, Juliette: The City of Flickering Light 3*
Feeney, Alice: His & Hers 4*
Fenton, Liz & Steinke, Lisa: The Good Widow 3.5*
Fergie, Natalie: The Sewing Machine 3*
Ford, Jamie: Love and Other Consolation Prizes 4*
Frankel, Laurie: This Is How It Always Is 5*
Franklin, Joann: Bring the Rain 2.5
Frey, Rea: Because You’re Mine 4*


Gardner, Lisa: The Guy Who Died Twice 4*
Gardner, Lisa: Look For Me 4*
Gardner, Lisa: Never Tell 3.5*
Gardner, Lisa: Right Behind You 5*
Gardner, Lisa: Say Goodbye 4*
Gardner, Lisa: When You See Me 5*
Greene, Grace: The Happiness in Between 4*
Greenwood, T: Keeping Lucy 4*
Grisham, John: Camino Island 4*
Grisham, John: The Rooster Bar 4*


Hannah, Kristin: The Great Alone 5*
Hannah, Kristin: Winter Garden 5*
Harmel, Kristin: The Book of Lost Names 5*
Harmel, Kristin: The Winemaker’s Wife 3*
Harper, Jane: The Dry 4*
Harper, Jane: Force of Nature 3.5*
Harper, Jane: The Lost Man 3*
Healey, Jane: The Beantown Girls 5*
Helms, E. Michael: Deadly Spirit 4*
Hepworth, Sally: The Mother-In-Law 4*
Hilderbrand, Elin: The Perfect Couple 4*
Hilderbrand, Elin: Summer of ’69 3*
Hillier, Jennifer: Jar of Hearts 4*
Hillier, Jennifer: Little Secrets 3*
Hunter, Georgia: We Were the Lucky Ones 5*


Jenoff, Pam: The Lost Girls of Paris 4.5*
Jenoff, Pam: The Orphan’s Tale 4*
Jensen, Louise: The Surrogate 4*
Joy, David: The Weight of This World 3*


Kalpakian, Laura: The Great Pretenders 2*
Kelly, Julia: The Light Over London 3.5*
Kepnes, Caroline: Hidden Bodies 3.5*
Kepnes, Caroline: You 5*
Kim, Angie: Miracle Creek 4*
King, Kerry Anne: Everything You Are 4*
King, Stephen: End of Watch 3*
King, Stephen: Finders Keepers 5*
King, Stephen: Mr. Mercedes 5*
King, Stephen & Owen: Sleeping Beauties 3.5*
King, Stephen: The Stand 5*


Land, Ali: Good Me, Bad Me 3*
Lawhon, Ariel: Code Name Helene 5*


Macallister, Greer: Girl in Disguise 4*
Mackin, Jeanne: The Last Collection 4*
Maher, Kerri: The Kennedy Debutante 3.5*
Malerman, Josh: Bird Box 5*
Marrs, John: The One 4*
Marrs, John: When You Disappeared 3.5*
Marsons, Angela: Silent Scream 5*
McDonald, Christina: Behind Every Lie 4*
McManus, Karen M.: One of Us Is Lying 4*
McMorris, Kristina: Sold on a Monday 4*
McNamara, Michelle: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark 5*
Meissner, Susan: A Bridge Across the Ocean 4*
Meissner, Susan: As Bright as Heaven 5*
Meissner, Susan: The Last Year of the War 5*
Michaelides, Alex: The Silent Patient 4*
Morgenstern, Erin: The Night Circus 3*


Napolitano, Ann: Dear Edward 4*
North, Alex: The Whisper Man 4*


Obama, Michelle: Becoming 5*


Page, Libby: The Lido 4.5*
Palacio, R.J.: Wonder 5*
Paris, B.A.: Behind Closed Doors 4*
Paris, B.A.: The Breakdown 3*
Paris, B.A.: The Dilemma 3*
Patchett, Ann: The Dutch House 4*
Paul, Gill: The Secret Wife 4*
Peters, Glynis: The Secret Orphan 3*
Picoult, Jodi: A Spark of Light 4*
Pinborough, Sarah: Behind Her Eyes 4*
Prowse, Amanda: The Coordinates of Loss 4*


Quinn, Kate: The Huntress 4*


Reid, Taylor Jenkins: Daisy Jones & The Six 5*
Reid, Taylor Jenkins: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo 4*
Rimmer, Kelly: The Things We Cannot Say 5*
Rimmer, Kelly: Truths I Never Told You 4*
Rosen, Renée: Park Avenue Summer 5*
Rubenhold, Hallie: The Five 4*
Ryan, Jennifer: The Spies of Shilling Lane 3*
Ryan, William: The Constant Soldier 4*


Sager, Riley: Final Girls 5*
Sager, Riley: Home Before Dark 5*
Sager, Riley: Lock Every Door 5*
Schaffhausen, Joanna: All the Best Lies 4*
Schaffhausen, Joanna: No Mercy 3.5*
Schaffhausen, Joanna: The Vanishing Season 4*
Scottoline, Lisa: One Perfect Lie 3*
Semple, Maria: Where’d You Go, Bernadette 3*
Serle, Rebecca: In Five Years 4.5
Shreve, Anita: The Stars Are Fire
Skuse, C.J.: Sweetpea 5*
Slaughter, Karin: Blindsighted 4*
Slaughter, Karin: The Good Daughter 5*
Slaughter, Karin: Triptych 5*
Sparks, Nicholas: Every Breath 3.5*
St. James, Simone: The Broken Girls 4*
Stuart, Keith: Days of Wonder 5*
Swanson, Peter: Before She Knew Him 4*
Swanson, Peter: Her Every Fear 3*


Thomas, Angie: The Hate U Give 5*
Thomas, Terry Lynn: House of Lies 4*
Tudor, C.J.: The Chalk Man 4.5*
Tudor, C.J.: The Hiding Place 4*
Tudor, C.J.: The Other People 4*
Turton, Stuart: The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle 5*


Veletzos, Roxanne: The Girl They Left Behind 5*


Walker, Wendy: The Night Before 3*
Walsh L. Jenni: Becoming Bonnie 4.5
Wegert, Tessa: Death in the Family 3.5
Westwood, Tara: Educated 5*
Whitaker, Chris: All the Wicked Girls 3.5*
White, Karen: Dreams of Falling 3.5*
White, Karen: The Night the Lights Went Out 5*
White, Karen: The Time Between 4*
Wiesel, Elie: Night 5*
Williams, Beatriz: A Hundred Summers 4*
Wingate, Lisa: Before We Were Yours 5*
Wingate, Lisa: The Book of Lost Friends 5*
Wiseman, Ellen Marie: The Life She Was Given 4*
Wiseman, Ellen Marie: The Orphan Collector 4.5*


Yoerg, Sonja: All the Best People 5*


Zevin, Gabrielle: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry 5*

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