My Rating System

When reading books, I prefer to go in as blind as possible, so when I write my reviews I will do my best to adhere to that and not include any spoilers so that the story can naturally unfold for you.

I rate the books I read from 2-5 stars. I save 5 stars for the best of the best, so I use it sparingly. I only rate and review books that I like enough to read from cover to cover, so I will never use a 1 star rating. 

5 Stars – Fantastic, must read                                                                           img_7334

4.5 Stars Almost perfect, I highly recommend it

4 Stars – Great book, I suggest you read it

3.5 Stars – Better than average

3 Stars – Good book

2 Stars – I would not recommend the book

1 Star – I will never give a 1 star because I would not have finished the book