Book Review – Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner


Goodreads Synopsis:

Women are going missing; prostitutes, runaways, the forgotten ones. Eighteen-year-old Delilah Rose knows something about their disappearances but she’ll only talk to one woman, FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy. Even as Kimberly struggles to comprehend the horrifying tale Delilah has to tell, she must trace their only lead – a man who gets his kicks in the creepiest of ways – if she is to find a brutal serial killer, who is surely about to strike again. With no bodies and no clues, Kimberly’s options are limited. Yet she feels herself drawing ever closer to the culprit. But how close is too close? And when is it time to say goodbye? CAN YOU STAY FREE?

My Opinion:

Two years ago I was introduced to Lisa Gardner when I read Touch and Go, a mystery masterpiece. I was hooked and have been working my way through her books ever since. This book, Say Goodbye, is part of the Quincy and Rainie series which was the one series I had not read yet. When I discovered her new book Right Behind You was coming out February 2017, I set my sites on reading the backlist.

What I liked. Once again Lisa Gardner has written a book that pulls you in and keeps you wondering what is going on. I love books that give you all the pieces of the puzzle and you think you know how they all fit together…Or do you? This is an excellent, twisted, creepy, mystery thriller, focusing on FBI agent Kimberly, who is expecting her first child while on the case of her life. She has been pulled into a mystery of disappearing prostitutes only to find out there is much more than meets the eye. She has set her mind on catching the killer and will not stop, despite her husband’s reservations, until she has.

What I struggled with. This story is not just about missing prostitutes, it is also about young boys being kidnapped and abused. The abuse of these young boys was very difficult for me to read and at times I was very uncomfortable. I also feel the need to caution anyone with arachnophobia – you may want to sit this one out. Lisa Gardner really did her research here and goes into great detail. I now know more about spiders than I have ever intended.

I give this book 4 stars. It would have been 5 if it weren’t for the young boys being preyed upon. That being said, she has no doubt, woven a terrific web of suspense, mystery and intrigue in this book.

My Rating: 4/5

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Series: Quincy and Rainie #6

Publisher: Bantam

Publication Date: 1/1/2008

Pages: 360 (ebook)

What’s your favorite Lisa Gardner book?

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